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Yesterday, Vancouver snowed. This is my second time to feel, to see snow and I’m very exciting. The first time I seeing snow was in Korea where I have traveled 3 years ago. I was also exciting at that time, because I never saw snow before. In the past 18 years, I lived in Guangzhou China, where is impossible to see real snow and I try to travel some place where will snow in winter, but I still can’t saw it. My mother said that snow don’t appeal to me though I live in Vancouver where just snow once in winter now. In my hometown, some people said that happiness just like cat eating fish, dog eating meat, but I want to say—happiness just like snowflake falls on the tip of my tongue. (Actually, I tried it when I in Korea.)Image


Technology Changes Our Writing


1. sup

SUP – What’s Up

 We use “what’s up” almost every day, but if it becomes shorter such as “sup”, it will easy to use when we send message or email. Meanwhile, when people say “what’s up” quickly, it will easy to become “s up”, so, “sup” is more convenience.

2. idk

IDK – I Don’t Know

It is very common to use “IDK” to take the place of “I don’t know” when we sent message or email someone. However, people usually use “IDK” to someone who is much closed, otherwise, he/she will think that you are impolite.

3. wbu

WBU – What About You?


We usually use “what about you” to ask for the other person’s opinion, or to check for their comfort level with the situation. Because “a” in “about” pronunciation almost silent, so people say “wbu”.


I found some sentence from this website: