My writing strengths and weakness


When it comes to my writing weakness, I can find a lot. Firstly, I lack of vocabulary, so I always use same words and refer dictionary when I am writing, which waste me much time. Secondly, I am careless, so I will have wrong in spelling, verb tense as well as singular and plural forms. In general, I will try my best to learn more vocabulary and check my essay carefully again and again after I finish it.

On the other hand, I also have some strengths about writing. First of all, I pay attention to organization. When I write something, it must have a topic sentence and conclusion. In addition, I focus on conjunctions. If I write a long paragraph, I will use some conjunctions, such as firstly, secondly, besides and so on. All in all, I don’t have too much writing strengths.


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  1. Transitions, not conjunctions, are very helpful for organizing your writing. I agree that vocabulary or lack of a deep one is an issue for many learners, and one of the best ways to remedy this problem is to read more. You are better off using a dictionary when reading than when writing.

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